[CrackMonkey] citadel inanity

Audin Malmin amalmin at home.com
Sun Jul 23 21:45:33 PDT 2000

On Tue, Jul 11, 2000 at 09:27:52PM -0700, Monkey Master wrote:
> If you really want to revive an old carcass of a BBS, telnet to
> amber.anticlimactic.org and create yourself an account.

	Oh dear...my old account still works:

Welcome to Amber, Seattle, US/WA/KING
By Anticlimactic Teleservices

 === NOTE ===

This BBS is running pre-release software.  Because this is a test version of 
the software, it has extra code to assure that things are running as they 
should.  This may cause a noticeable slow-down in the operation of the board.  
Also, because this is pre-release software, it may contain bugs that could 
cause a loss of data.  This is not likely, but it is best to be aware of 
potential problems before they surprise you.

 === NOTE ===

Sunday 00Jul23 22:43:25 PM
  609 nuggets.

Enter your initials: 123

Enter your password: 12345

Why does The Maven get hit by baseballs? 
It's not that he doesn't see the bunts, he JUST DOESN'T GIVE A SHIT! 
Welcome back Magrathea!
The time is now: Sunday 00Jul23 22:43:31 PM
You last called on: Tuesday 96Dec17 23:54:54 PM, 1,313 days 21:48:37 ago.
You are caller #105,830.
119 people have made
22,238 calls and left
20,247 new nuggets since you were last here.
17,110 new nuggets on the system.

	Hehe...I find that damned funny...  (even stranger that I remebered
the password...)

                                                Audin Malmin - amalmin at home.com

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