[CrackMonkey] "Napster, Gnutella and Josef Stalin?"

Steve M Bibayoff smb23 at csufresno.edu
Mon Jul 24 20:55:53 PDT 2000

This quote was to good to pass up, even thought it came from Ziff-Davis.

"During a single 30 minute speech today, the man in charge of the "vision"
for Time Warner and AOL's marriage compared Napster, Gnutella and the rest
of the file-swapping community to Satan, Cold War communists and airplane

If not stopped, the 21 million-plus and growing community could usher in a
cultural apocalypse that threatens to plunge the world into darkness not
seen since the turn of the last millennium, Richard Parsons believes."---

I'm sorry, my history must be wrong, but wasn't "Cold War communists" for
censorship and control of information?

If Microsoft doesn't trust Windows(TM), why should you?

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