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For all you MBAs out there, CrackAficionado.com is not yet taken.  I smell

I wasn't going to send a newsletter today.  I was actually sleeping and
just woke up to take a piss.  So while I'm up, let me address yesterday's
comment when I wrote that "San Francisco is fucked."  

I love San Francisco and believe that SF is a fine city -- but the bay
area has got to be a fragile corporate ecosystem ready to go boom.
Personally I feel that a lot of people -- if not most -- are not
particularly distraught about this -- particularly FC readers.
Regardless, New York City* (see appendix 1, below) -- the place I've been
calling home for more than two years -- is hardly as affected by the
pretty much equal amount of dot-com tomfoolery going on around here.  NYC
also has the advertising industry, music industry, fashion industry, and
lets not forget Wall Street.  

San Francisco has dot-coms and Rice-A-Roni.  

*Appendix 1: So my office and residence -- a loft 3 blocks south of the
Empire State Building -- is currently without telephone service.  Turns
out that LARGE RATS have been chewing on the wires down in the boiler room
and the phone company won't go down there do to "unsanitary conditions".
I love New York.

So without further ado, here are today's featured fucks.  As usual, there
are more on:

rock on,

--- featured fucks ---

Benefits dwindling
This email was sent to me by an employee of Primus.com. Hope nobody felt
like taking a vacation.
Company: primus.com
Points: 145

I've got gas (see fuckedcompany.com for a special link...)
Rumor has it that Beenz.com recent sales staff cut backs amount to three
people in the west about ten people in the east along with others in
Europe and Asia. 
Company: beenz.com
Points: 132

Shut up
18 months, $1 million and 20 employees later, AudioCafe.com is closed for
Company: AudioCafe.com
Points: 200 - new hall of fame inductee!

Wolpert says 
Investor Richard Wolpert publicly denied being on the board of directors
of Scour. This can't be good news. 
Company: Scour.net
Points: 138

Stop it
Rumor has it that in the wake of lost funding, used-CD retailer Swapit.com
has started offering employees the chance to swap their paychecks for
unemployment checks.
Company: SwapIt.com
Points: 145

Chapter 11
A while ago I told you that online bank AppOnline.com's banking license
was suspended. Now they're filing for bankruptcy and are... you guessed it.
Company: AppOnline.com
Points: 200 - new hall of fame inductee!

--- /featured fucks ---

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