[CrackMonkey] A great day for intellectual property

Aaron Lehmann aaronl at vitelus.com
Wed Jul 26 17:47:46 PDT 2000

Finally, starving artists and record labels can get the money they
deserve. Pirates were making great-sounding 128kbit MP3 files that
were _digital_ copies. People have been able to record things off the
radio for years, but it's great to know that the court understands
that this is a different situation, since the music in question is
_digital_ and therefore has amazing quality. This is a win to everyone
who values culture, since without intellectual property our society
would be plunged into a dark age. This is also a great day becuase it
shows that the legal system has grown out of the inefficient crackpot
concept of "innocent until proven guilty" and is moving towards a more
corparate-oriented system. This will no doubt prevent an impending
dark age.

Now that Napster has been shut down, people will be unable to exchange
illegal MP3 files. Napster was a technology which allowed them to do
this. Now that they have been shut down, their trade secret is
effectively dead. This is a good thing since their software violated
the DMCA by cracking the copy protection of music for the sole reason
of piracy. But all is not yet perfect. Alas, they have been only shut
down until the trial. If the trial is lost, NAPSTER COULD COME BACK
TO LIFE!! This must be prevented at all costs because it could enable
people to break the copy protection on music again and plunge society
into a dark age. Since the RIAA has been ripped off repeatedly, they
are having a lot of trouble paying the high legal fees that are their
last hope of protection to society. Do what is good for your country
and your world and send a donation to the RIAA. If you don't, Napster
may be able to use its deep pockets to regain power, and we know that
its sole objective is to start a disasterous dark age!!!

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