[CrackMonkey] trolling for GNOMEs

Nick Moffitt nick at zork.net
Wed Jul 26 18:39:49 PDT 2000

*** CrackMonke is now known as GARGARGAR.
<GARGARGAR> so how do you kill people in this MUD?
<Mo> It's not a MUD.
<Apher> This isn't a MUD.
<Mo> It's a BBS.
<Apher> It is a BBS.


<GARGARGAR> I guess you norwegians don't get trolls much
<Crimson> Hey, $BIGLINUXCOMPANY dudes.
<GARGARGAR> must be all those gnome bastardos
o GARGARGAR trolls gnomes
<Apher> Hey, can I get a free tshirt?
<GARGARGAR> apher: no, but I can
<Mo> yeah, I want a free T-Shirt too.
<aaronl> i have a free tshirt too


<Radagast> GARGARGAR: No, no. That's not how you troll GNOMEs. You go
            "CORBA sux0Rzz"
<GARGARGAR> CORBA is a great way to slow down software
<GARGARGAR> sometimes it use it for performance tuning
<GARGARGAR> on my QNX system
<GARGARGAR> it's real-time
<GARGARGAR> and I overclocked it
<GARGARGAR> so it's like
<Mo> :) 
<GARGARGAR> over-real-time
<GARGARGAR> so all my programs run too fast
<GARGARGAR> so I have to use CORBA to see what's going on
* Mo smiles.
<Radagast> Doesn't that throw your monitor sync rates all out of
<GARGARGAR> no way, man
<GARGARGAR> I used a fixed-sync monitor
<GARGARGAR> it used tyo sync on green
<GARGARGAR> but I fixed it
<GARGARGAR> to sync on CORBA

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