[CrackMonkey] dammit

Don Marti dmarti at zgp.org
Thu Jul 27 11:15:43 PDT 2000

Napster this, Napster that, if I hear one more goddamn thing about
Napster I'm going to shit.  Fucking proprietary software company
hogging bandwidth and shit.  Like Pointcast but with shitty music.
Fuckers.  Die die die.  I'm gonna buy me a Metallica shirt to wear
to Linuxworld even though I haven't heard any Metallica since,
like, 1990.

On a more pleasant topic (is pleasant even on-topic for this list?)
"LookSmart pays portals to use its service" since they have
been out-competed into oblivion by the Open Directory Project:
Before we "All Hail The Open Directory Project" let's give thanks that
there still are dumbass money-wasting dot-coms out there to laugh at.
"Our old business model was to get people to pay us for our service. Our
new business model is to pay people to use our service." Stop reading
all your "dumb manager" comix right now, because dumb people in reality
are always going to be better than fictional dumb people made up by
smart or medium-smart people.

But I said we were going to all hail the Open Directory Project, so all
together now, "All Hail the Open Directory Project!" and especially the
category "Computers: Data Formats: Graphics: 2D: GIF" which you may
peruse at: http://dmoz.org/Computers/Data_Formats/Graphics/2D/GIF/

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