[CrackMonkey] Brian Behlendorf's cheese

Bernard nutella at zork.net
Sat Jul 29 18:42:31 PDT 2000

29Jul2000 04:31PM (-0700) From [monkeymaster at crackmonkey.org] monkeymaster [Monkey Master]
> :r!lynx -dump  http://www.astradyne.co.uk/cheese/cheese.php3?name=Rick+Moen
> Your name is:          Rick Moen
> Your cheese rating is: Emmental
>      ____________________________________________________
> Emmental is a hard, pale yellow Swiss cheese. It has a sweet smell,
> with a fruity taste. The most prominent feature of Emmental is the
> walnut-sized holes it contains. Emmental is probably the origin of the
> sterotypical holey cheese image.

If I were to suggest that they had mis-spelled "holy" would
I have my wrists slapped for telegraphing the punchline?
(although I should at least get some credit for reformating
your inclusion).

...also, how can something contain holes?


Bernard P. Murray, PhD
nutella at zork.net (Department of Desserts and Toppings, San Francisco, USA)

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