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Nick Moffitt nick at zork.net
Sun Jul 30 22:58:25 PDT 2000

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    SSHM> Old Hitler Weird Erotica Toy Item

That's not HITLER! That's a MEXICAN NOVELTY TOY! It's a cheap-ass one
made out of PIPE CLEANERS, too!

What's going ON with E-Bay, anyways!?! This kind of HORRIBLE
misleading description is really annoying, and breaks down the web of
trust that is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY to maintain a smooth-running
auction community.

~Mr. Bad

P.S. Why were you searching for "HITLER SEX PUPPET" on ebay.com
anyways, Zach?

P.P.S. If masturbating puppets is your thing, Zach, you don't have to look
too far in Tijuana can get much better quality novelty sex toys. The
top-of-the-line ones have thousands of moving parts made with, like,
carved mahogany and human bones.

I bet if you went into one of the souvy shops down there and ASKED for
a custom puppet show depicting the sexual life of Hitler, ranging from
his early smoldering yearnings and furtive self-abuse, through his
randy homoerotic Prussian Army years up to the catastrophic loss of
one testicle, then plunging into the ensuing experimental maelstrom as
he became a Satanic S&M pervert up until his final suicide fuck pact
with Eva Braun, well, I bet they could get it done for you in a couple
of hours, and you can bet your ass it wouldn't be made out of PIPE

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