[CrackMonkey] Who is the "The Man"?

Monkey Master monkeymaster at crackmonkey.org
Mon Jul 31 08:15:29 PDT 2000

begin  Edward C. Lang quotation:
> And what should I know about him? 

	From the Lambda Expressway:

     The Company is owned and operated by a humble construction worker
     who refuses to divulge his name. Affectionately titled The Man by
     his peers, he leads the engineering crew, driving them to the limit
     of their capabilities.
     "He is a hero to the people who live with his creations," remarks a
     tenant from Mobile City. "His presence is so commanding, people
     forget to breathe and plants leap up from the soil to kiss him."
     "His mind is unequalled for imagination and prowess at
     calculation," explains an engineer from his crew. "His
     concentration is so deep, it rattles dishes. I have seen him solve
     10th-order nonlinear differential equations in his head between
     puffs on his cigarette holder."
     The Man spends most of his time in his secret laboratory busily
     checking calculations and designs made by his intrepid crew, seldom
     resting. When not there, he can be seen with his beautiful
     genetically-engineered dog Number Nine inspecting construction
     projects or driving in his custom-built Vanadium Van. For a tour of
     the Lambda Engineering Company's projects, please call--

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