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Mon Jul 31 12:39:48 PDT 2000

>>>>> "Bernard" == Bernard  <nutella at zork.net> writes:

    Bernard> 30Jul2000 11:12PM (+0100) From [sneakums at eircom.net] sneakums [Paul J Collins]
    Don> Just because "you need to understand X to do Y" doesn't mean
    Don> "X should be next to Y in the library."
    >> Just wait until I get my L-Space generator out of beta!

    Bernard> If that comes with the archetypal librarian you'll just
    Bernard> have to be careful that you don't announce it on
    Bernard> CrackM****y (unless you want to carry your teeth home in
    Bernard> your hat).

I find your use of archetypal strange, given that there is only one
librarian of the kind to which you refer.  We covered this quite
throughly on crackorangoutan last week.

    Bernard> 	Hmmm... Linux for Hex....

When it says +++ LP0 ON FIRE +++ it *means* it.

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