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Paul J Collins sneakums at eircom.net
Mon Jul 31 12:50:01 PDT 2000

>>>>> "Monkey" == Monkey Master <monkeymaster at crackmonkey.org> writes:

    Monkey> begin  Paul J Collins quotation:
    >> Well, people who think Bonobo is an ORB clearly don't know a whole lot
    >> about CORBA.  I shall ignore your facetious flamebaiting remark.

    Monkey> 	I said "the bonobo ORB" and people said "bonobo uses ORBit".
    Monkey> That makes ORBit the bonobo ORB.

ORBit is no more the Bonobo ORB than it is the GNOME ORB, or the
Nautilus ORB, or the Distributed Monkey Master Insult Engine ORB.

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