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Alex Feinberg alex at galaxy.strlen.net
Mon Jul 31 12:42:35 PDT 2000

> 	They're slowly trickling in, now.

Yes, be afraid. Be very afraid. We are the FIX of Borg, you will be
assimilated. Being a troll is futile.
> 	Slow like CORBA.

Actually CORBA ran fine for me even with 32 MB of ram. Are you sure you
didn't have Star Office running at the same time? Or a runaway IRC client
using up 90% of the resources. And make sure that you didn't by accident
break any jumpers on your motherboard, while you were overclocking your QNX

And to get it clear I am not associated with HelixCode, or
Warez^H^H^H^H^HVALinux or any other big companies. Where I work will not be
publicized, as it's irrelevant. And I am not Norwegian, I am a Russian,
living here in the States. Here in California. Here in Sillicon Valley and
here in San Jose. And I've been to several SVLUG install fests and read
their mailing list.

(Note my first reply to that may have been mis-send. I hit 'r' in mutt,
instead of 'g'). 


Actually I am not really Russian. I was born in a little place called
Minsk, which is now in what is called Republic of Belarus and in 1983 was
Belarussian Soviet Socialist Republic. But I speak Russian, so you can
call me a Russian. If politicians make that place a French over-seas
deparartement, I wouldn't care, still Russia to me.

Alex "strlen" Feinberg
alex at galaxy.strlen.net / strlen at fix.no

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