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Alex Feinberg alex at galaxy.strlen.net
Mon Jul 31 13:08:00 PDT 2000

> He can't be a troll on his own list. Whatever he does here is
> automatically on-topic and appropriate.  Bastard.

No, not on this list. On
FIX. http://crackmonkey.org/pipermail/crackmonkey/2000q3/011850.html <-- he
posted a message regarding that too, this is a link to an archive.

> But you can't dismiss 80x25
> troglodytes out of hand, because old-school
> multiuser Un*x boxes were the enabling technology for a fascinating
> culture, while CORBA-powered deluxe GUI systems seem to be turning the
> current generation of new hackers into illiterate weenies no better than
> gamers or warez traders.

Actually I do most of my work in a 80x25 rxvt. I dont use console too much,
I like having multiple terminals in a high resolution screen, so I can cut
and paste between them and monitor what happens in one terminal while doing
work in another.

And most of warez kiddies use KDE. But perhaps a graphical installation
manager is too much. I still don't see a way GNOME encourages the
distribution of warez too.

> Communication tools are the ground on which communities build
> themselves, and the flurry of new GUI applications are the foundation of
> the net equivalent of a noisy food court.

Somewhat agreed, but I still find GNOME a nice and usable interface, with a
ton of usefull applications. Although applications like gtkwhoami may be
way too much. 

I personally prefer to use a GUI for a word processor, at certain times
text-editor (if you consider emacs a gui however), web browser (Mozilla
nightly build). Most modern UNIX operating systems do feature their own,
although proprietary, GUI interfaces. Take Solaris, Digital Unix, HPUX. 

> (I'd love to be proven wrong -- point me at some intelligent forum where
> the majority of participants use gWhatever, and I'll gladly lurk for a
> while.)

http://www.fix.no. Read the information page too, and please use proper
capitalization. No, majority of the people there just telnet in a
gnome-terminal, or in rxvt, like myself. Feel free to join in.  

Alex "strlen" Feinberg
strlen at fix.no

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