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Aaron Lehmann aaronl at vitelus.com
Mon Jul 31 14:02:40 PDT 2000

On Mon, Jul 31, 2000 at 10:05:53PM +0100, Paul J Collins wrote:
> >>>>> "Alex" == Alex Feinberg <alex at galaxy.strlen.net> writes:
>     Alex> Dumbest idea I've ever seen. Why use a structure like a
>     Alex> database, which provides much un-needed overlay, when in
>     Alex> fact such a thing could be acomplished in a text file --
>     Alex> that would require less code, less libraries to link with
>     Alex> (gdbm I believe is what EFM asks for) and it would be human
>     Alex> readable.
The reason is it needs to store images, and lots of them. Images for
your icons. For your backgrounds. Paul claims binay formats are bad
but I've had no problems so far. The GUI stuff is good. For example,
to set the background of a window you Right-drag an image file to the
window and select whetehr you want it to be tiled or scaled. The same
procedue is how you set display fonts, icons, etc. I do kind of miss a
text config file, but oh well. At least EFM is snappy, functional, and

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