[CrackMonkey] GNOME Trolling

Aaron Lehmann aaronl at vitelus.com
Mon Jul 31 14:22:54 PDT 2000

<aaronl> YUCK
<aaronl> TYPECASTS
<aaronl> EEK
<miguel> Who is this retard?
<Sopwith> lala
<tenix> hehe
* aaronl hands miguel some C++ and some UNIX
<charles> aaronl: I don't see how you could get superclass bits w/o
<miguel> aaron: the purpose of you being on this channel is exactly
<aaronl> charles: with C++
<miguel> Complain?
<aaronl> miguel: mostly to annoy miguel, but also to spread FUD about
<miguel> if you are here to complain and criticize and insult people,
then you are not welcome here
--- You have been kicked from #gnome by miguel (miguel)
--> aaronl (~aaronl at nat-su-33.valinux.com) has joined #gnome
--- Topic for #gnome is Insight of the day: <rak> Ankh: I find it
disturbing what is happening to the internet - everything is going
--- Topic for #gnome set by miguel3k at Sun Jul 30 11:57:07 2000
<kabalak> kick day today ?
--- miguel sets ban on aaronl!*@*
* rconover watches miguel lay out a beatdown
--- You have been kicked from #gnome by miguel (If you are not going
to contribute)

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