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Peter A. Peterson II pedro at flynn.zork.net
Mon Jul 31 14:22:48 PDT 2000

Quoting Alex Feinberg:
> I use SSH between machines on my lan and between systems where I am going
> to be using a UNIX shell, whenever possible. This, however, is a BBS, using
> software written in 1996 for OS/2. No ssh support is available. Entirely
> different system, however, is being written, but currently its development
> has reached a stall. I suppose the new system will have ssh or some other
> encryption support. (By the way, I havent visited the page yet, but is
> OpenSSH mentioned?) 

Someone Should #2345

Someone should write a server that resides on a machine and listens on
port 22 for ssh traffic, decrupt it and relay it raw to port 23 on the
same machine for things like muds and bbsen who do not have ssh

I vote 'Joey Hess'.


      "She's laughin in her sleeve, boys;
   I can feel it in my bones."  -- Tom Waits

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