[CrackMonkey] The FIX saga continues

Peter A. Peterson II pedro at flynn.zork.net
Mon Jul 31 14:54:59 PDT 2000

Quoting Alex Feinberg:
> <strlen> Nixon, did you boot him?

<pedro> SO Nick, a lot of people have been posting irclogs to
crackmonkey these days!
<CrackMonkey> Golly, pedro!  You're sure right about that!
<pedro> Yes, it seems like we can't go a DAY without 2, maybe 3
little snippets of humor from an irc somewhere
<CrackMonkey> Shucks, ol' Pedro ol' pal!  What do you think we
can do to keep this from continuing?
<pedro> Well, it's not so much that I MIND, ol' buddy, it's just
that, I'm on IRC ALL THE TIME, and I NEVER see those guys, or
hear those conversations! How weird is THAT?
<CrackMonkey> Wowie Zowie!  You'd think that they had a SOOPER
SEEKRIT private IRC!
<pedro> Yeah, like, an IRC where people from Crackmonkey HANG
OUT and TALK -- but it's NOT this one, where we hang out!
Where do we hang out again?
<CrackMonkey> in #tron, my boy!  On the server irc.slashnet.org!
It's barrels of fun!
<pedro> Yes! #tron, that's it, just like the crazy 1982
documentary about the hacker who gets sucked into the computer!
But here on #tron, we talk about ALL KINDS of things!
<CrackMonkey> Like Crackmonkey, for instance!
<pedro> Yes! And Linux!
<CrackMonkey> And python!
<pedro> And "blender energy!"
<CrackMonkey> And Todd Andersen!
<pedro> I just wish there was some way we could convince those
people to break off their long-standing friendships from their
OTHER servers, and come hang out here!
-:- aaronl [~aaronl at nat-su-33.valinux.com] has joined #tron
<CrackMonkey> Why look!  It's someone from Crackmonkey here to say
hello and hang out with us!
<taska> Omygod, advertising WORKS!
-:- aaronl is now known as BangTheNunSlowly
<pedro> WOw!
[slashnet]  Foreign OperKill:
   NickServ killed BangTheNunSlowly!~aaronl at nat-su-33.valinux.com
-:- SignOff BangTheNunSlowly: #tron
   (Killed (NickServ (GHOST command used by CrackMonkey)))
<CrackMonkey> lamer
<pedro> And, slashnet has ghost!
<CrackMonkey> so you can kill people who gank your nick!
<pedro> Oh but Crackmonkey -- I just realized that bitchx, a great
irc client released under the GPL, allows you to connect to
multiple servers at once! Hooray!
-:- BangTheNunSlowly [~aaronl at nat-su-33.valinux.com] has joined #tron
<CrackMonkey> Beaujolais!
<wowbagger> BEAUJOLAIS!

      "She's laughin in her sleeve, boys;
   I can feel it in my bones."  -- Tom Waits

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