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Paul J Collins sneakums at eircom.net
Mon Jul 31 16:58:59 PDT 2000

>>>>> "Alex" == Alex Feinberg <alex at galaxy.strlen.net> writes:

    >> Isn't that actually, um, CPP?
    Alex> It is, and it's unreadable IMHO to a human being. However, Window Maker too
    Alex> uses CPP and Window Maker's use of it is much better, see here:

    Alex>     {
    Alex>       Name = Netscape;
    Alex>       Clip = {
    Alex>         Applications = ();
    Alex>         Lowered = Yes;
    Alex>         Collapsed = No;
    Alex>         AutoCollapse = No;
    Alex>         AutoRaiseLower = No;
    Alex>         AutoAttractIcons = No;
    Alex>         KeepAttracted = No;
    Alex>       };

Nothing to do with CPP.  That's a proplist.

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