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Paul J Collins sneakums at eircom.net
Mon Jul 31 17:39:32 PDT 2000

>>>>> "Michael" == Michael Jennings <mej at valinux.com> writes:

    Michael> On Tuesday, 01 August 2000, at 00:56:46 (+0100),
    Michael> Paul J Collins wrote:

    >> I was being sarcastic there, although graphical file managers are
    >> not to my personal taste.  Nautilus will be using anti-aliased SVG
    >> icons, to the best of my knowledge, not pissy little bitmaps like
    >> Windows Explorer.

    Michael> From talking to Andy and his crew when he was here,
    Michael> Nautilus has a lot of long-term promise.  But the initial
    Michael> work seems way too Explorer-like for my taste.  OTOH, no
    Michael> one could possibly confuse EFM for any other file
    Michael> manager.

Well, every journey starts from a known point.  In the case of
Nautilus, Explorer and derivatives.  In the case of EFM, the Amiga

Frankly, the cost exacted by EFM (and E) for being different is too
high for my taste.

    >> Jesus Christ, and that *isn't* nasty?

    Michael> I don't think so.  Since the only thing that has to know
    Michael> the numbers is E itself, it shouldn't matter to the end
    Michael> user.  They chose numbers for speed of parsing.

Maybe the numbers are fast to parse, but the cpp overhead has to be
factored in, too.

    >> Anything I want?  No.  all I can do is change the names of the
    >> commands and possibly mangle the arrangement of them somewhat.
    >> cpp is a poor tool for that job.

    Michael> Okay, not *anything* you want.  I was trying to point out
    Michael> that you could change the macro names, create new macros,
    Michael> etc.

Frankly, I'd rather not.  CPP hackery has never held much appeal for

    >> When are you switching to binary Ethemes?

    Michael> E 0.17.  Of course, the concept of a theme in 0.17 isn't
    Michael> entirely clear.  The fallback mechanism in 0.17 will be

Talk about life imitating art.

    Michael> much better, so you could actually be running any number
    Michael> of themes at once.  (In other words, you could have
    Michael> BrushedMetal menus with BlueSteel borders and a spiffE
    Michael> iconbox, for example.)

Will I be able to give different themes to different windows?

    >> *ALL* identifiers beginning with _ are reserved for the
    >> implementation.  Users have no business creating such.  All
    >> that using __SYMBOLS __LIKE __THESE does is make the files a
    >> pain in the arse to read, even on paper.  If you were avoiding
    >> name space collisions, you would prefix all of your symbols
    >> with E_ and say in the docs that E owns all such symbols.

    Michael> FWIW, I agree with you on that point.  Blame raster.

No problem, we shall do so.  Is he the guy with the hat?

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