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Michael Jennings mej at valinux.com
Mon Jul 31 17:54:37 PDT 2000

On Tuesday, 01 August 2000, at 01:39:32 (+0100),
Paul J Collins wrote:

> Well, every journey starts from a known point.  In the case of
> Nautilus, Explorer and derivatives.  In the case of EFM, the Amiga
> Workbench.

Indeed.  Except that Explorer is icky.  :-)

> Frankly, the cost exacted by EFM (and E) for being different is too
> high for my taste.

That is of course a choice that only you can make.  E isn't for
everyone.  Neither is EFM.  Neither is Eterm, or GNOME, or KDE, or
MacOS X, or Nick's mom.  Well, okay, maybe Nick's mom.  But not the

> Maybe the numbers are fast to parse, but the cpp overhead has to be
> factored in, too.

The numbers thing was there before the cpp thing, IIRC.  It was
thought that the flexibility offered by cpp outweighed the slight
speed hit, and since we were already going to pre-parse anyway, why
pre-parse to text when you can pre-parse to numbers which parse

> Frankly, I'd rather not.  CPP hackery has never held much appeal for
> me.

Bah.  I love macros. :-)

> Will I be able to give different themes to different windows?


> No problem, we shall do so.  Is he the guy with the hat?

He has many hats.  All of which are tall, multi-colored, and appealing
only to drunks and Australians.

I'm sorry, was that last bit redundant?


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