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Mon Jul 31 19:34:18 PDT 2000

begin  Aaron Lehmann quotation:
> As I understand it, in EFM the database holds individal settings for
> every directory you have done anything to. This is a lot of stuff
> for someone who uses EFM a lot. EFM' developers have decided to read
> it off the disk when necessary, rather than keep all the data for
> all directories in memory. I believe Nick agrees with this
> philosophy, since it is the main thing he blasts Emacs for. Berkeley
> DB makes it easier to read things off the disk incrementally, since
> with a text file it would have to be parsed each time.

	Er, no.  I lambast EMACS for reading an entire file into RAM
and letting the VM system page it out as it goes.  there's this great
system call called "seek()" that you can use to  move around in a file
without having to load it into a big-ass array.

	As for storing configuration data, how can there POSSIBLY be
enough to warrant a db?

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