[CrackMonkey] Crackheads, episode 2 -- in which shell programming on IRC is harder than it looks

Aaron Lehmann aaronl at vitelus.com
Mon Jul 31 22:32:30 PDT 2000

<strlen_> ughh put screen into ~/.whatevershellrc?
<aaronl> hah
<aaronl> infinite loop
<aaronl> screen tries to spawn a shell
<aaronl> that shell runs its init file
<aaronl> etc
<strlen_> hahah i was on crack sorry
<strlen_> if [$TERM == screen] 
<strlen_>    penis
<aaronl> hmm
<aaronl> ok
<strlen_> or wait
<strlen_> if [$TERM == screen]
<strlen_>   runscreen = no
<strlen_> fi
<aaronl> bash: penis: command not found
<strlen_> hahaha
<strlen_> before that put run screen = yes
<strlen_> if [ runscreen = yes ]
<strlen_>   screen
<strlen_> fi
<aaronl> I dont like shell programming
<aaronl> Lets make that clear
<aaronl> :P
* aaronl unircifies the dialogue
<aaronl> I do not get this
<aaronl> won't if [ runscreen = yes ] set runscreen to yes?
<lispbliss> aaronl, are you in svlug?
<strlen_> err ===
<strlen_> or someshit
<aaronl> lispbliss: yes i am
<strlen_> export RUNSCREEN=yes before
<strlen_> then 
<lispbliss> Rick is cool
<strlen_> if [ $TERM == screen ]
<strlen_>   export RUNSCREEN = no
<strlen_> fi
<aaronl> RUNSCREEN or runscreen?
<strlen_> if [ $RUNSCREEN = yes ]
<strlen_> doezsnt matter. but make it all the same case.
<strlen_>    screen
<strlen_> fi
<aaronl> What the fuck?
<aaronl> why is one = and one ==?
<strlen_> err my mistake
<strlen_> I AM ON CRACK
<strlen_> dont you see?
* lispbliss tries to remember who the dude in svlug is that has the
sweet car with linux license plate
<aaronl> yes
<aaronl> lispbliss: maybe it was chris diBona?
<lispbliss> umm, not sure
<strlen_> i have a unix license plate, but is just a fake one. i cant
stick it on a car.
<lispbliss> it was yellow I think
<aaronl> bash: runscreen: command not found
<aaronl> bash: /home/aaronl/.bash_profile: line 33: syntax error near
unexpected token `fi'
<aaronl> bash: /home/aaronl/.bash_profile: line 33: `fi'
<lispbliss> ferrari or something
<strlen_> bah figure out bash yourself
<strlen_> err its
<strlen_> if [ blah = beh ]; then
<strlen_> sorry
<strlen_> i am on crack again
<aaronl> God
<aaronl> you are on crack
<aaronl> I should send this log to crackmonkey
<strlen_> <aaronl> God <aaronl> you are on crack
<strlen_> god is on crack?
<aaronl> Is there a freaking semicolon or not?
<strlen_> yes there is
<strlen_> if [ penis ]; then
<strlen_>   pussy
<strlen_> fi
<aaronl> no, if $penis
<aaronl> silly crackhead
<strlen_> if $penis == "yes"
<aaronl> if [ $penis ]; then
<aaronl> "yes" or yes?
<-- lispbliss has quit (ircII EPIC4pre2.508 -- Accept no limitations)
<aaronl> now it is choking on your stupid runscreen = 1
<aaronl> there isn't supposed to be whitesapce
<aaronl> space
<strlen_> PENIS@($(@*(!
<aaronl> bash: /home/aaronl/.bash_profile: line 33: syntax error near
unexpected token `fi'
<aaronl> bash: /home/aaronl/.bash_profile: line 33: `fi'
<strlen_> are you still at warezresearch aaron?
<strlen_> heh then i dont know what else to do
<strlen_> show me the if statement
<strlen_> dont forget then
<aaronl> oh
<strlen_> you can use case too
<aaronl> i need the then
<strlen_> case `whoami` in
<strlen_>     root)
<strlen_>         PS_COLOR="\033[1;31m"
<strlen_> #        unalias cp
<strlen_> #        unalias rm
<strlen_> #        unalias mv
<strlen_>         ;;
<strlen_>     *)
<strlen_>         PS_COLOR="\033[1;32m"
<strlen_>         cd

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