[CrackMonkey] Trolling For BeaSD

Aaron Lehmann aaronl at vitelus.com
Mon Jul 31 23:12:34 PDT 2000

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<rhcpd> was is das?
p Cheston you dirty apes! what have you done!
<bfumerola> what the fuck.
<blarf> cheston: fucked
<K4r3n> bfumerola: one day you'll be soylent green too
<blarf> billf: *shrug*
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<K4r3n> damn my typos
p K4r3n goes back to watching fight club again
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<larzeik> does anyone know what is going on with FXTV these days?
<larzeik> does it work on XFREE86 4.01 ?
<Cheston> i think you can guess what i'm watching.
<alehmann> Does freebsd have SMP support?
<tog> damn dirty apes!
<Cheston> it already does doesn't it??
<Davec> alehmann;  Of course.
<alehmann> heh
<alehmann> it's just catching up :)
<nitedog> bwhahaha
<Cheston> the scoops are on there way!
<rhcpd> oh this is fscking rich
<alehmann> See, BSD is a rip-off of linux
<nitedog> i agree
<asym> yeah
<nitedog> they stole it!
<rhcpd> yeah VMS is a rip-off of linux too!
<nitedog> not only did they rip off it
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<mognet> we use one of those valinux boxes for irc.core.com
<zb^3> linux is ripped out of my anus
<alehmann> They even tricked the linux people with their license
<mognet> nice freaking box
<Cheston> it can't be, linux isn't made of soylent green!
<alehmann> it's a trick licnese
<mognet> handled 16000 concurrent users
<mognet> ... while running FreeBSD
<bfumerola> alehmann: are you a moron.
<rhcpd> linux people?
<nitedog> bfumerola: no no no
<pa> unix is a rip off of linux
<nitedog> linux IS good
<asym> boing
<nitedog> bsd was ripped from it
ymy XEpsilon [misha at adsl-216-102-91-59.dsl.snfc21.pacbell.net] has
<alehmann> UNIX is stupid
<alehmann> it's a huge rip-off of linux
ymy XEpsilon [misha at adsl-216-102-91-59.dsl.snfc21.pacbell.net] has
          #freebsd []
<rhcpd> i thought you were all little penguins with irritable bowel
<nitedog> all the did...was rip it...secure it...make it stable...and
          well..totally rewrote it
<nitedog> and boom
<nitedog> theres freebsd
<alehmann> Linux Torvalds should sue Sun
<mognet> Because, we all know, BSD came from Berkeley, the University
          five minutes after the release of linus torvalds' great
<alehmann> for cloning his OS
<bfumerola> yes.
<blarf> lol
<blarf> no he should sue MS for stealing his tcp/ip stack
<blarf> *cough*
<asym> 'Linux Torvalds'
<nitedog> linus Torvalds should hide in a cave for even thinking of
<pa> linus torivalds is bill gates' sister
<blarf> they're arrogant enough to assume that their code is WORTH
<rhcpd> p1nus t0rvalds has irritable bowel syndrome!
<Cheston> s/sister/bitch/
<alehmann> see
<alehmann> All FreeBSD users are lamers
<nitedog> this is true
<nitedog> we SHOULD use linux
<nitedog> but we went lamer and installed a stable os
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<nitedog> :\
<blarf> all people with the nick alehmann are l4m3rs
<pa> there are too many choices
<alehmann> does enlightenmnet run on FreeBSD?
<nitedog> of course
<bfumerola> no
<blarf> who cares?
<blarf> it's E
<Otterley> hey kids
<Cheston> we should move back to the 8 bit os.
<blarf> it therefore sucks
<alehmann> Rasterman is my hero
<alehmann> He wrote X windows
<Otterley> blarf is a twm fan :-)
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<nitedog> alehmann: your almost to dumb to live
<asym> Everyone is real bored huh..
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>>> You have been kicked off #freebsd by bfumerola ( go IPO and tank
or do
          something more useful then troll.)
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