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Dylan Northrup dylan at integratus.com
Mon Jul 3 11:20:39 PDT 2000

On 2 Aug 2000, Paul J Collins wrote:

:=I saw Miller a few times on CC.  I found his habit of freezing with a
:=toothy beard-rimmed grin and riding out the laughter highly

He was better on SNL doing the news gig.  He was at his best on his
short-lived talk show (I loved Miller's Index. . . his response to whatever
out of context number Harper's Index printed).  The interstatial times when
Miller goes off into left field while waiting to get back on track aren't
that great.  He does a lot better in the stand-up shows I've seen because
they're more scripted.  He's a funny guy, but doesn't do well at improv.  I
just ignore the irritating parts.

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