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Wed Aug 1 05:24:24 PDT 2001

Between those two choices, I would pick number 1. There are additional factors to
making money, in addition to production efficiency. I like to say that every
project is a compromise of three factors: quality, time to market, and cost.
Usually, however, one is always sacrificed for the other two.  In other words:
good, fast, cheap. Pick two.

I'll try to get back on-topic: You are correct, in that copyright is like the
prevention of an efficient method of distribution, but it is in favor of giving
the author an opprtunity to capitalize on their creative works. The "incentive to
create" was supposed to be for a limited time, though, and that's where the
balance is supposed to be, too. It tries to be an efficient method to "promote

I regret that the result in this situation is that Dmitry is in jail. Some
"progress", hmmm? I am trying to do my part, small though it may be, to release
him as soon as possible.


DeBug wrote:

> I have a question for american people
> What do you think is more important in your business
> 1) To earn as much money as possible
> or
> 2) To make production process more eficient ?
> The reason why i ask this question is that many people on the list
> agree that public should subsidy ( in other words support copyrights )
> intellectual property production (and i agree with that) but they also think
> more efficient way of doing things should be prevented until copyright expires
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