[free-sklyarov] Big question

DeBug debug at centras.lt
Wed Aug 1 08:24:27 PDT 2001

>> If you make production processes more eficient, you automaticly make
>> more money ;-)

BS> Not necessarily.  If you have the most efficient production processes, but 
BS> you alienate your customers, you make less money.  If you have the most 
BS> efficient production process, but you're making something nobody wants, you 
BS> lose money.
Furthermore, there are two types of industries -
those that make money on increasing production efficiency
and those that make money on decrease of production efficiency
Encription process requires resources and decrease product
usability so it decreases efficiency. And it is being done
in order to make more money.
Do we really want to subsidy such industries ?
I am not interested to pay those guys at Microsoft who
write code limiting number of online updates for MS-Windows
It is sick - waste of money and resource in order to make
more money in order to cripple product more and more.

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