[free-sklyarov] Sklyarov=Napster according to Senator Boxer

Paul Callahan callahanpb at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 1 13:17:25 PDT 2001

Gotta wonder what kind of bot they have responding to
Senator Boxer's email.  Here's the response to a
I sent "regrading" Sklyarov and DMCA:

Dear Mr. Callahan:

 Thank you for your recent communication
regrading Napster.  As you may already know, both
the United States District Court and a United
States Court of Appeals have ruled that Napster
encourages and assists copyright infringement of
copyrighted music.   This decision restates the
important fact that in our country we value
property rights, whether its music that a writer
has created or the car that you drive.  Neither
can legally be taken from you without

     I strongly support the advancement of
technology and innovation on the Internet and
desire that all consumers be able to get music in
the electronic marketplace.  But such advances must
also accompany respect for others' creations.
Those who invest in the creation of music, whether
it be an artist or record label, deserve to be paid
for the use of their music.

     The technology Napster employs holds great
promise.  It is my hope that such peer to peer
technology will be available legitimately and that
the idea that Napster has invented will become
available to consumers in a legal manner very soon.

     Thank you for contacting me on this important


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