[free-sklyarov] More Minnesota pictures

nobody moseng2 at underwhelm.org
Wed Aug 1 15:34:40 PDT 2001

I will forward this message to the DMCA-minnesota list in hopes of
obtaining such permission. The gentleman pictured may not subscribe to the
list, as he was actually on vacation and resides outside Minnesota. I
believe I have an email address for him, and will try to get in touch.

Then we are left with the gentleman who took the picture, who subscribes
to both lists.

I will only seek to find out if the people are amenable to the idea
generally, specifics ought to be worked out with them personally.

Anecdote: this gentleman was one of the first to arrive and before I was
clear on whether he was participating or just curious, he asked
(paraphrasing) how many liberals would be coming. I responded that the
issue is neither liberal or conservative, so there would probably be a
range. The picture demonstrates that the issue crosses "typical"
ideological boundaries.

PS-thanks to the photographer. The eyemodule pictures are a sorry
substitute for pictures like these.

Free Dmitry.
Repeal the DMCA.

> Actually, if permission can be obtained from the photographer and the
> person pictureed, this could also be a good photo to give to the media
> if they ask for photos, too...
> -- 
> -alexf

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