[free-sklyarov] A Modest Proposal: the opposing viewpoint

Alex Fabrikant alexf at hkn.eecs.berkeley.edu
Wed Aug 1 17:08:29 PDT 2001

Having by now talked to several people who do not agree with our arguments
against DoJ/FBI's prosecution of Dmitry, it now occurs to me that we could
improve our public image substantially by providing people new to our
cause with full access to the opposing viewpoint. Personally, on several
prior occasions when I first heard about a political cause on which I was
ambivalent, the lack of information from the "other side" on all materials
passed out by activists has irritated me to the point of losing all
respect for the activist groups and becoming adverse to their cause. I
think our case is strong enough that we can display opposing viewpoints
and STILL have high hopes for turning most people our way. Providing full
access and visibility to the opposing viewpoint, I assert, will do wonders
for our credibility in the eyes of the questioning. Furthermore, for any
given "opposing viewpoint" item, we can post our counterarguments as
well, for an even stronger effect.

Hence my proposal, mainly to freesklyarov.org folks, but CC'ed to the
list to get people's opinions:

1. Add a prominent "Opposing Viewpoints" section, and include links to the
   most visible articles which defend Dmitry's arrest. In particular, make
   sure you link to the following:

   Original complaint:

   AAP's press release:

   Inside.com article:

   (please remind me if there are some other PROMINENT writeups that I
    missed; we probably shouldn't waste energy on random messageboard
    posts and such; also, it's probably best to link to only the most
    "blatantly opposite" writeups rather than semi-neutral ones [like the 
    "Don't Judge an eBook Case By Its Coverage" article on yahoo])

2. If anyone wants to write up a SINGLE well-worded complete rebuttal to
   the arguments of any particular item linked in this new section, that
   would be particularly helpful (this someone being well-known would also
   be a plus, of course, but is not a necessity).



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