[free-sklyarov] ACM letter to Senator Feinstein

Paul Callahan callahanpb at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 1 17:14:53 PDT 2001


I'm suddenly proud to say that this is *my*
professional organization. ACM rocks!  Anyway, 
Barbara Simons and Gene Spafford rock.  And
so far, they seem to be setting official ACM policy.

"We recently read that you had heard of no credible
opposition to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act
(DMCA).  As the Co-Chairs of the U.S. Public Policy
Committee of the Association for Computing Machinery
(ACM), we are writing to inform you that ACM has
consistently opposed the anti-circumvention provisions
of the DMCA."

Of course, I get the feeling that ACM doesn't carry
quite the weight as, say, AARP.

--Paul ( callahanp at acm.org )

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