kids & PR [Re: [free-sklyarov] More Minnesota pictures]

Tim Eriksson eriksson at
Wed Aug 1 19:44:26 PDT 2001

> I think there's a point that needs to be made here -- I really do think
> that photo is VERY effective PR for all of us. It does wonders for
> shifting our image from "disgruntled geeks" (which I'm quite happy with,
> but the public won't be too sympathetic to) to "average American citizen
> and family man whose rights are being trampled upon" (which should strike
> a much better chord with the public). So, to all the parents out there --
> if possible (and plausible), consider bringing your kids to the rallies.
> It can be a good chance to teach them a lesson or two about taking an
> active part in the way society is run, and, I bet, is REALLY DAMN GOOD PR.
> Actually, if permission can be obtained from the photographer and the
> person pictureed, this could also be a good photo to give to the media if
> they ask for photos, too...

I'm glad I was in the right place at the right time - and had a camera
handy.  As the photographer, I have no problem with any images from [1]
being sent to the press or reproduced in any way.  I agree that permission
should also be obtained from the subject(s) of the photo.

I will forward this message on to the DMCA-minnesota list in hopes of
contacting the gentleman and report back with the results.

BTW, the raw images from my camera are 2160x1400 pixels.  I reduced them
down to 60% for posting so as not to exceed my disk quota.  If you would
like a higher quality copy, please contact me at <eriksson at> and I
will be happy to send it to you.


-- Tim

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