[free-sklyarov] tie a blue ribbon (round the old oak tree) campaign

mike castleman mlc67 at columbia.edu
Thu Aug 2 00:17:18 PDT 2001

Frankly, I'm sick of ribbons.

Google reveals that, in addition to the EFF blue ribbon, there are red
ribbons for AIDS awareness, pink ribbons for breast cancer research,
jade ribbons for liver disease awareness, lavender ribbons against
homophobia, the aforementioned yellow ribbons to end the Gulf War, a
different yellow ribbon against teen suicide, the white ribbon
campaign working to end domestic violence, purple ribbons for
nonviolence, a tricolor ribbon for polyamory acceptence and on and
on. Indeed, there is even the amazing ribbon-o-matic at

I'm sorry to be so negative, and I really do like the idea of some
physical manifestation of support for Dmitry and against the DMCA, but
ribbons are simply no longer original. C'mon, we can do better!


On Thu, Aug 02, 2001 at 02:34:44AM -0400, mw at themail.com wrote:
> Today, an idea hit me as hard as a rock.
> It's blue ribbon.
> I remember during the war, people used to tie a yellow ribbon around trees.
> That always seemed to get at least *my* attention.
> since there is a blue ribbon campaign for free speech, let's say we
> start a "irl" blue ribbon campaign.
> I'll place one on the tree near my home ASAP.
> What do you say? We could place them on trees, picket signs, car
> antennas, bikes, pins, hair ribbons, around our fingers, etc.
> -marcia 
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