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Thu Aug 2 02:22:26 PDT 2001

BS> I think it's important to remind people when the publishers are sniveling 
BS> about how hard it is for them to make money on digital media, that nobody 
BS> INVITED them to the digital party.  If, in their business opinion, the 
BS> inherent risks of working with digital publishing technology outweigh the 
BS> commercial utility, then the solution is not to gut the Constitution--the 
BS> solution is for them to turn their attention to businesses they think they 
BS> CAN make money at.
I do agree with you completely.
However they will answer you that authors of IP invited them.
And it's true.
But in this case i can answer that IP authors are in fact interested
to invite consumers to buy IP and they are not interested directly in
digital media industry - authors would agree to allow people burn CDs
themselves if people pay money for IP.
One writer complained to me that it costs alot for him to maintain internet
side (The readers use my bandwidth and it costs money for me). My answer
was to allow people to put his book on their sites. The only problem
is that noone can garantee money will be paid

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