[free-sklyarov] Wow! Put the pressure where it hurts the most !!

Adrian Dunston adunston at jetstream.com
Thu Aug 2 06:23:20 PDT 2001

>From: Bob La Quey [mailto:robertl1 at home.com]
>On another level. Have you ever been involved with a political prisoner

Well there was that one fling back in the federal pen, but I wouldn't say we
were "involved".

>Please understand that I ask this in good faith. I do sympathize with
Dmitry's case
>but I do not consider him more important than thousands of other political

>Do you? 

No.  We understand that people are losing their property, losing their
freedom, losing their limbs, losing their lives, and losing their souls.  I
know that there is an incredible amount of hurting in this world and a lot
we should personally be doing to help.  

The big difference here is that since this law is something that affects my
rights specifically, it's something that I have taken the time to learn a
great deal about.  Since I know a great deal about this, I feel in a
position to be one of the active participants in changing this situation.
This is why I'm organizing a protest in my home town.  Not because Dmitry is
more important than one of the homeless people we'll walk by, or because my
freedom of speech is more important than my neighbors' freedom from spousal
abuse, but because in this instance I feel like I can make a noticable

Maybe I'm naive.  Maybe I don't even know how to spell naive.  I think our
government (more than half of the time) works.  I think this is how it
works.  I'm working with it.  Hopefully, I will be able to use my
experiences in this issue to begin work in other issues, things I see as
more important.

Your question is valid.  Though this issue is very important to us, there
are more important problems to solve.  Still, one must choose a piece of
ground where they turn and fight.  This is familiar ground to me.  This is
my domain.  This is my fight.  Who knows where we'll go from here?  Maybe
the people I fight with today on this issue, I'll fight against tomorrow on
another.  But as long as we are actively learning and participating, we can
outvoice the greedy, ignorant, and apathetic.  God willing, we'll even
actually help someone down the line.

-Adrian P. Dunston

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