[free-sklyarov] Wow! Put the pressure where it hurts the most!!

Kris kris at firstworld.net
Thu Aug 2 08:37:28 PDT 2001

At 07:42 AM 8/2/2001 -0700, Klepht wrote:
 >>>>>> "by" == brad young <byoungvt at yahoo.com> writes:
 >    by> This is Genius!!!!
 >It's a good story because it keeps Dmitry in the news.
 >I don't think there's anything else much to it. Wasting any more time
 >with Adobe is ridiculous at this point.

I disagree.  Keeping Adobe uncomfortable does three things.

One: it makes it less likely that they will assist the Feds in prosecuting 
this case in the future.

Two: makes it clear to other companies that there is a good deal of pain 
associated with using the DMCA - hopefully lessening the chances that 
someone else will end up in jail because of this ridiculous law.

Three: increases the chances that Adobe will try and buy their way out of 
this mess by contributing to Dmitry's legal fund.

Obviously, any efforts applied to keep the pressure on Adobe should not 
distract from the efforts to Free Dmitry.


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