[free-sklyarov] Another possible alternative to spread the word?

Charles Eakins admin at seattle-chat.com
Thu Aug 2 12:08:05 PDT 2001

Actually we discussed that very subject here in Seattle, so I will be
coordinating that effort locally, and plan on showing the video on the Local
Public access station as well.  We are soliciting short interviews etc,
looking for protest videos, and especially interview with renowned
individuals that may carry some clout.  If interested in helping with this,
please e-mail me, and I'll give you an address to send videos too.  Once the
video project is done, I plan on putting it online as well, and will send a
video to anyone that wants to have it played on they're local public access
stations.  You can usually show videos not made locally, but the person
submitting needs to be a local resident.  Videos need to be in either VHS,
SVHS, MiniDV, or Hi8 formats.  Videos should also be short.  Having a
background in Broadcast video (Used to do all aspects of video production
for a local PBS station), I can tell you peoples attention spans are short.
Let me know what you think, send me an e-mail at admin at seattle-chat.com .


Charles Eakins

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