[free-sklyarov] Wow! Put the pressure where it hurts the most !!

Bob La Quey robertl1 at home.com
Thu Aug 2 15:01:02 PDT 2001

At 06:23 AM 8/2/01 -0700, you wrote:

>Your question is valid.  Though this issue is very important to us, there
>are more important problems to solve.  Still, one must choose a piece of
>ground where they turn and fight.  This is familiar ground to me.  This is
>my domain.  This is my fight.  Who knows where we'll go from here?  Maybe
>the people I fight with today on this issue, I'll fight against tomorrow on
>another.  But as long as we are actively learning and participating, we can
>outvoice the greedy, ignorant, and apathetic.  God willing, we'll even
>actually help someone down the line.
>-Adrian P. Dunston

Thanks Adrian for a well reasoned and passionate response. My reason
for asking is really very simple. I see a group of really very priviliged 
people (myself included) who are reinventing a lot of wheels. This has 
some value, but it would IMHO also be a very good thing for the community
to reach out and learn from those who have gone into this valley of doom 
before them. Thus I will continue to pound away on the request that some
people visit the ACLU, Amensty International and a number of the organizations
listed at
many of whom should be aware and interested in supporting this cause. 

And that is where I intend to put my own personal efforts. 

Let's try to broaden the base of this movement.

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