[free-sklyarov] SUMMARY: Global IRC Summit Takeaways

Klepht klepht at eleutheria.org
Thu Aug 2 19:56:12 PDT 2001

So, these were the takeaways from the global summit:

        * On principle, we think that there is some synergy in having
          synchronized nationwide events and planning.

        * On principle, we also think that local groups must and
          should deal with local stuff on a timely basis.

        * We will have two nationwide events in the next month: 8/13
          and 8/30.

        * This doesn't preclude doing other local events or shifting
          dates slightly if needed. For example, it looks like the DC
          group is going to concentrate on 8/16 for Usenix.

        * We will coordinate a nationwide petition drive. Actually,
          TWO petition drives.

        * One petition will be for the US Attorney's Office in NorCal,
          asking them to drop the charges. This will be uniform.

        * The other will be for congress critters asking them to lean
          on the USAO, and asking them for support to repeal the DMCA.
          Local groups will probably amend this slightly (change the
          names and maybe some details) and use it for their local
          congress critter.
        * Seth Schoen will overview and edit the petitions.

        * NorCal will hold a candlelight march or vigil on or soon
          after the day that Dmitry arrives in San Jose. If possible,
          some local groups will synch with this and do a march the
          same night.

        * 8/13 and 8/30 events will have no common nationwide
          theme. However, we encourage all local groups to have some
          kind of differentiation, so that the events don't get stale
          and boring for the press. Example: celebrity appearance,
          street theater, costumes, some kind of other thing happening
          besides signs, flyers, and yelling.

        * We will continue to ask nationwide organizations that might
          have some interest -- Amnesty, ACLU, American Library
          Association -- to make announcements opposing Dmitry's
          imprisonment and demanding his release.

        * We can continue to stay in the news by getting announcements
          and by having local events.

        * Emphasis is always on _announcements_ by "allies." We take
          care of time, money, organization, etc. We just want their
          public support, which is cheap for them to give and great
          for us to get.

        * We will have another global IRC summit on 8/14 at 9PM EDT.

OK, hope I didn't miss anything. The summit was frazzling -- lots of
talking -- but we did come out with some good stuff (see above).

Thanks to everyone who came and also thanks to everyone who bore with
me when I sent them an "OFF TOPIC" private message. 


klepht at eleutheria.org

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