[free-sklyarov] From SFGate

Ben Ford ben at kalifornia.com
Thu Aug 2 23:06:04 PDT 2001

Christopher R. Maden wrote:

> At 10:50 2-08-2001, Carrie Kirby wrote:
>> pieces written by sfgate staff do not migrate to the printed Chronicle.
>> However, there will be a piece on the whole free Dmitry thing in the 
>> printed
>> paper.
> I hope it gets a few minor details more accurate:
> Dmitry was not, as far as I know, arrested "[i]mmediately following 
> [his presentation], as he left the stage".  That's certainly more 
> dramatic than being arrested at his hotel, but not accurate AFAIK. 

No, he was not.  There was a Fed there that we had spotted the day 
before, but the didn't do it on site.  They went to his room the day after.


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