[free-sklyarov] brainstorming

Bob Smart bobds at blorch.org
Fri Aug 3 08:02:40 PDT 2001

On Friday 03 August 2001 04:24, you wrote:

> Point being:  the Congressman or Senator who has to go home, face the
> folks, and answer why it is that they could spend five years in jail for
> reading the bible, is going to have some heat to deal with.  I'm not
> suggesting this text for any other reason.

I think the Bible would be a mistake.  There are already other groups 
attempting to establish that religious practices should override or be exempt 
from various laws.  I'm thinking here of various instances when Christian 
organizations have asserted that their religious convictions should excuse 
them from antidiscriminaion civil rights laws; and of a recent dispute over 
whether a church should be subject to secular land use or zoning regulations.

Whatever side one is on, I don't think it will help our cause to muddy the 
waters with an essentially unrelated issue.  Pick ANYTHING but the Bible.  
Religion is already politicized enough.


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