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Very nice!  Keep those event updates headed to calendar at freesklyarov.org.

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>From: "Rob Raisch" <info at raisch.com>
>To: "David Farber" <dave at farber.net>
>          Despite fears of the usual authority-distrusting programmers
>          milling around in "what do we do now?" disarray, we're pleased
>          to report that, at time of writing, the UK's highest-profile
>          FREE SKLYAROV protest went without a hitch outside the US
>          embassy in London this lunchtime. Baffled onlookers and a van
>          full of riot police had Sklyarov's unjustifiable incarceration
>          [see previous NTKs] explained to them by means of leaflets,
>          placards, chanting, "street theatre" reconstructions of his
>          arrest, and impromptu filk versions of "YMCA" but with the
>          lyrics changed to be about the "DMCA" instead. Attendance was
>          estimated at "between 30 and 40" by organiser Dan Aykroyd, who
>          doesn't look like he does on the telly at all, and "refused to
>          be drawn" on why the other cast members of Sneakers couldn't
>          make it. Assuming no other railway stations blow up between
>          now and then, the whole thing should be on Newsnight at
>          10.30pm tonight, though we bet they just show the bit where
>          we're wandering round Hyde Park trying to work out where the
>          embassy is, with some smart-arse "geeks couldn't organise a
>          piss-up in a brewery" commentary from Paxman.
>          http://news.zdnet.co.uk/story/0,,t281-s2092269,00.html
>          - many from as far away as Cambridge and Underground Zone 4
>          http://www.xenoclast.org/freesklyarov/
>                                      - and a good time was had by all
>          http://www.google.com/search?q=dmca+ymca
>          - also thought this tune would go well with "My-S-Q-L"
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