[free-sklyarov] Why is Sklyarov still in jail?

mike castleman mlc67 at columbia.edu
Sat Aug 4 10:12:38 PDT 2001

Anyone who is interested in working with criminal "justice" system
activists, email me off list and I'll try to hook you up with a group
in your local area. Note, though, Dmitry's case is certainly not an
especially egregious example in this sense.

The reason I'm interested in Dmitry's case is because of the DMCA and
all its implications. If I were interested in reforming the justice
system and similar, I would probably start elsewhere.

I will not respond on-list to any further posts on this thread.


On Sat, Aug 04, 2001 at 09:58:16AM -0700, Greg Broiles wrote:
> If you're pissed off about how the criminal trial system works - and
> that's a reasonable thing to be pissed about - it's probably not
> helpful to merge that opposition with opposition to Dmitry's
> individual case, at least not if your goal is to improve Dmitry's
> circumstances. Dmitry's getting the same (or better) treatment than
> the other prisoners within the federal system.

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