[free-sklyarov] AAP's Judith Platt replies to Politech post, clarifies remarks

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Why is Ms. Platt shouting?  IMHO, a pretty odd thing for a PR person to
be doing.

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Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2001 10:40:19 -0400

Dear Declan:

In case anyone out there is REALLY interested in the truth re the ZDNEt
story on librarians and copyright, I was quoted completely out of
context. The reporter totally misinterpreted my remarks, either through
her own lack of understanding or a desire to ratchet up discord between
publishers and librarians.  My reference to "Ruby Ridge," while perhaps
ill-advised, was used metaphorically to indicate an extremist position
out of the mainstream--a very radical view that has been expressed in
some quarters (although not by any librarians of my acquaintance) that
all computer code is protected speech under the First Amendment and that
no one--neither a publisher nor an author, nor anyone else-should be
able to encrypt copyrighted material to protect it from unauthorized use
and reproduction, and expect the encryption to be viewed as any other
lock used to protect property.  My reference to an "extreme position"

What the reporter, Ms. Bowman, failed to include in her article were my
numerous statements about the cooperative relationship between
publishers (and their national trade association) and librarians.  We
totally value what librarians do and we are working together to come up
with ways that will take full advantage of the new digital environment
to make information available to the widest possible audience without
sacrificing the legitimate copyright interests of authors and

Judith Platt
Director of Communications & Public Affairs
Association of American Publishers

Judith Platt
Director of Communications & Freedom to Read
Association of American Publishers
50 F Street, NW
Washington, DC 20001
email: jplatt at publishers.org

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