[free-sklyarov] AAP's Judith Platt replies to Politech post, clarifies remarks

James S. Huggins (Free Sklyarov) FreeSklyarov at ZName.com
Sat Aug 4 13:14:42 PDT 2001

>From: Judith Platt <jplatt at publishers.org>
>and that
>no one--neither a publisher nor an author, nor anyone else-should be
>able to encrypt copyrighted material to protect it from unauthorized use
>and reproduction, and expect the encryption to be viewed as any other
>lock used to protect property.

But it seems to me, that the DMCA does not enable you to encrypt to protect
from unauthorized use and reproduction.

Rather it enables you, by encryption, to create new classes of unauthorized
use and reproduction.

That is, uses and reproduction that would be permitted and legal if not
encrypted are not legal if encrypted.

James S. Huggins

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