[free-sklyarov] Is sklyarov possibly being held hostage for the release of John Tobin?

Bill Chess chess at ncu2.net
Sat Aug 4 16:55:36 PDT 2001

I sent the following message before I was registered and so it probably
didn't get posted. Please forgive if it is a duplicate.

Could it be that sklyarov is actually being held hostage for the release of
the American John Tobin, held by Russian athorities? If so, maybe when Tobin
gets back to the States- suddenly they will find that they do not have a
case against Sklyarov?

Or maybe he is hostage against some other American the Russians are

ROSSOSH, Russia, Aug. 3 -  American Fulbright scholar John Tobin was
released Friday from a Russian prison after serving half of a one-year drug
sentence, ending a high-profile case that had strained U.S.-Russia
relations. Throughout his trial and imprisonment, the Connecticut native
maintained that the charges against him stemmed from an attempt by the
Russian intelligence services to recruit him as a spy.

(It will be more than a week before Tobin will actually leave Russia)

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