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Sat Aug 4 18:47:02 PDT 2001


I just read your WIPO paper. Thanks, it's very helpful.

You suggest the following actions:

o  We need to find out who the delegates for our respective governments are 
   and talk to them directly about consumer rights.
o  There should be a well-organized free-speech-protest during the next WIPO meeting. 

o  There should be independent observers during the meeting, and the most 
   important civil liberties organizations should apply for participation and/or submit papers. 

These are good suggestions. Anyone have more information or suggestions
on how do we put them into action? We all know that Dmitry is being unjustly 
held by a bad law. Let's also not forget to fix the law so this doesn't
happen again.


On 04-Aug-2001, Erik Moeller wrote:
> I have posted a description of WIPO and how their treaties are 
> implemented / enforced here:
> http://www.infoanarchy.org/?op=displaystory;sid=2001/8/4/53534/20827
> I think we have a good chance to get our voices heard on the next 
> WIPO copyright meeting in November. What do you think?
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