[free-sklyarov] College classes start soon

Xcott Craver sacraver at EE.Princeton.EDU
Sun Aug 5 11:43:09 PDT 2001

On Sun, 5 Aug 2001 mw at themail.com wrote:

> My plan is this:
> go to the auditorium as students are filing in...a lot will be early.
> I'll say a few words and hand out flyers.

	I'm sure this depends on the university, but sometimes when
	a departmental organization schedules an event, they can
	get the profs to read a short announcement at the beginning
	of lecture ("The NIU Math Club is holding its annual math
	contest, prize of 75 dollars, etc etc")

	If you have a CS department organization, like student ACM,
	maybe they can schedule some kind of official event from a rally
	to a panel discussion on Dmitry and the DMCA, and get the profs to
	read a brief announcment.

	Also, I think a *lot* of CS people, students and faculty and
	administrators, would be highly interested in a presentation
	or panel discussion centered on all the new risks of breaking
	the law just by doing normal computer stuff.  Just a frank
	discussion of what all this stuff means to you, the faculty.
	Imagine a talk covering DMCA, UCITA, Hague convention, and that
	new proposal to make any use of any school computer by anyone a
	federal crime.	Itemize the various branches of CS by risk
	of being jailed.  Mention current cases, current campaigns,
	and who's who (MPAA, RIAA, AAP, ETC ETC)  And give URLs.

	You wouldn't need to present something emotionally charged
	or hand out flyers; just the facts alone, presented in a
	neutral manner, would terrify any audience of CS people.

> -aicra

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