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Jay Allen sklyarov at openwire.com
Sun Aug 5 17:04:32 PDT 2001

At 06:23 PM 8/5/2001 -0500, James S. Huggins \(Free Sklyarov\) wrote:

>You might try this url

 From the aritcle:

>Now let's visit Planet Earth. Dmitry Sklyarov works for ElcomSoft Co. 
>Ltd., a Moscow-based company that sells, among other things, the Advanced 
>eBook Processor. That product converts e-books formatted for viewing 
>through the Adobe eBook Reader into ordinary, unsecured PDF files. Once in 
>that form, the file is in the free and clear, and can be distributed by 
>anyone to anyone throughout the globe via numerous file-sharing programs 
>like Gnutella, KaZaA, iMesh or Freenet, not to mention by e-mail 
>attachment, or by Aimster-style instant-messaging attachment, or by 
>posting on evanescent pirate Web sites, and probably via several other 
>mechanisms that were invented so recently that you and I haven't heard of 
>them yet.
>The point is: it only takes a single unprotected copy to have the material 
>spread. The cat is then out of the bag and any attempt to bring a 
>copyright infringement charge against the individual who originally 
>uploaded it becomes laughably futile, even assuming it were possible to 
>identify that individual, which it usually isn't.

Geez, with that logic, we may want to outlaw vision and speech as 
circumvention devices as well.  I'm mean, all I have to do is load up 
Dragon Naturally Speaking and dictate the contents of the eBook.  Or, if 
I'm really into pain, I could simply type it up in Emacs.  Fscking 

Jay Allen

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