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Adobe announced late this afternoon a whole new approach to protecting
the copyrights of publishers using their popular ebook devices.  Written
in Java, the new ebook format is called ROT, for Read Once Technology.
After being read for the first time, the text is pulverized into
non-contiguous pixels and then scattered in ROM.  Prior to its first and
only reading, the text is protected from unauthorized use by a
transparent encryption system called ROT26, which is estimated to be
twice as powerful as its predecessor, ROT13.

Adobe spokesperson Patsy Prudence says the new technologies should have
a chilling effect on those who would circumvent copyright holder rights
and priveleges.  "The notion of fair use is a dated antiquity," Prudence
said, "and one which can't help but hinder corporate profits.  Radical
fringe elements and institutions like schools, students, libraries,
researchers and teachers can whine all they like, but we are using
technology to keep them in their place."

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