[free-sklyarov] Fair use "rights"

Bob Smart bobds at blorch.org
Mon Aug 6 07:01:13 PDT 2001

On Monday 06 August 2001 00:31, you wrote:

> be able to do with that book, without restraint from the publisher or
> author. For example:
>  - I can read the book wherever and whenever I like, and as many times
>    as I like.
>  - I can lend the book to my friends
>  - I can give the book away when I've finished with it
>  - I can _sell_ the book when I've finished with it

In fact, software people historically referred to this as the "like a book" 
license (install only on one machine or for one user at a time, but freely 
transferrable other than that).  The fact that this became a colloquial 
analogy shows just how universally the concept was understood.

Back then, anyway.


What I wrote above is hereby dedicated to the public domain and may be freely 
used, in whole or in part, with or without attribution.

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